Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Tomorrow, most of us will be surrounded by family and friends for Thanksgiving and telling each other what we are grateful for. One of the things I’m very grateful for is this blog and my readers. This year has been especially tough for my family. Some of you already know what has been going on and some don’t. For those who don’t, my husband lost his job back in March, which is why we have moved to be back around family. For that I’m also grateful for. I created this blog to keep me focussed on something other than the other things happening in my life. It’s been an amazing ride so far and I can’t wait to share more recipes and what is going on in my life with you. The feedback I’ve received has meant so much to me and it helps keep me driven to do better, not just for you the readers, but also for me. Thank you to all my readers!

If you have any questions, requests or anything you would like to see please email at I would love to hear from you!

Now for the Thanksgiving Wrap Up. I’ve compiled links to my favorite recipes for Thanksgiving. I truly hope you have a beautiful day this Thanksgiving.  If you are going shopping Friday morning for Black Friday like I am, good luck!

Baked Corn

Italian Style Stuffing with Sausage and Fennel

Green Rice

Sweet Potatoes with Apples

Apricot-Ginger Cranberry Sauce

Goat and Cheddar Cheese Ball

Pumpkin Mousse

Apple Crisp


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