Flavored Ice Tea

I honestly think that iced tea runs through my veins. My husband and I live on it. There is nothing better than freshly brewed iced tea on a hot summer day. When Lipton came out with cold brew tea, the angels sang a beautiful song. Instead of waiting 30 minutes for iced tea; I wait 5 minutes. Twinings realized how wonderful this cold brew tea was and created their own line. It was my beautiful mother-in-law who thought about combining the two different teas. She instantly became my favorite mother-in-law. If you love iced tea and want to switch it up a bit; I recommend adding a couple of the different kinds of Twining cold brew tea to your regular tea. My favorite is with mixed berries; reminds me of PF Changs berry tea.


Well, there really isn’t a specific recipe. We use a 1 gallon size pitcher and put 3 of the big size Lipton cold brew tea bags in with 2 of the Twining tea bags.


One thought on “Flavored Ice Tea

  1. When I was younger, I too, LOVED iced tea. I always had a huge glass jar of sun tea outside on my front stoop. I did that for years. I think I’ll have to try it again – didn’t know there was a cold brew. With that all said…I’m currently “addicted” to Perrier with lime – can’t get enough in the summer months.

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